Sunday, April 20, 2008

Buddy Rich - The Bus Tapes [Please note, there is extensive (and entertaining) profanity]

In a comment posted to an earlier post of mine, Peter had suggested that I post a blog about these rather famous tapes. Oddly enough, I first heard of these tapes on my first day as a music major as an undergrad. Easily quoted and often embellished, these tapes are simply notorious. Around 4:00 in the recording, he even threatens that he'll fire the entire band if he hears "one [freaking] clam." Around 7:50, a band member claims that one of his own arrangements or charts is the best chart in the book. Buddy Rich did not agree, and tells him to take his chart and leave. Pretty interesting stuff...How'd you like to play in his band?

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Brass, Money...and other delights said...

EVeryone can hear your [freakin] clams. You don't need a mic for that.